Delta Lloyd – Day 3

Not sure how to start this blog without sounding repetitive, consider it started…..
This morning was an early one. 10 am start time, with 2 races on the schedule. Hopefully off the water by 2 the latest, with the rest of the day to hit the gym or do whatever I want.

Laser Committee Boat - Beautiful

Race 1 was off, and it was light, getting lighter. 45minutes into the race were had only completed the first leg, reach and halfway down the run. After 20 minutes of drifting and some illegal jibes, the race committee called the race. Perfect. It wasn’t going well.
Now the wind was completely gone…I mean it was so light I had trouble breathing….JK
The next 5 hours were spent sitting around waiting for the wind to fill. At least the sun was out and I was able to let my bronze on. Been losing a little color over the last couple of months.

With a filling breeze the race committee had to try and get these races off. It was still light, but I kept my spirits up and tried to turn the long delay into something positive.

The real race One!!!! I wanted to go right, but the committee boat was packed. I had a very different approach to the start this time. Lining up on port, I ducked the last starboard tacker at the boat end, rolled into a tack on his hip, blocking him from tacking off to the right, and then immediately rolled into another tack, to lead the charge out to the right side of the course. Coming back I was looking good, but it was light wind, and if you fell out of the groove, it could be costly. Rounding in 6th, I was able to hold this position to the bottom mark, but didn’t play the correct side of the course on the second beat. Now rounding in 14th I found some clear air on the run and was able to sneak past a few to take a 9th.

Race 2…. I was really impressed with my unorthodox starting strategy, and decided that I was going to try it again, considering I wanted to get to the right side of the course again. BOOM!!!!!   It worked again. Off to the right I raced. It was looking OK, but had to be patient and let things work out. Coming up on layline, it was looking better. Made my move to get back and was 5th at the top mark. Held position on the run, rounded the gate mark and went left. Saw a little bit of pressure that I hooked into, tacked and was now in 2nd. At the top mark I rounded 3rd close on the heels of 2nd place. Had a great run, keeping my air really clear and laterally separating from the fleet to do so. At the bottom mark, there was a little rules violation on another competition, that got a little messy.. I decided to do my turns instead of taking it to the protest room and risking it. I know I was right, but there were 2 incidences.. confusing. Regardless I did my turns and finished 4th.

Was just really happy to have the 2 races completed. I was pleased with my racing, but still things to work on. 2 races tomorrow, but a later start.


Cy Thompson 2016 Olympics
Cy Thompson 2016 OlympicsThursday, November 20th, 2014 at 2:25am
Just got back from a 10 day training camp in Florianopolis, Brazil this morning. Had some time to relax and repack before taking off tomorrow morning for Vera Cruz, Mexico. The 2014 Caribbean and Central American Games (CAC Games) will be held there and I am looking forward to bringing home a medal for the Virgin Islands. Stay Tuned.
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Cy Thompson 2016 Olympics
Cy Thompson 2016 OlympicsMonday, October 27th, 2014 at 2:28am
Won the 1st Redbull Land Boat sailing competition at 2nd beach in Middletown RI. Great fun and a great event put on by Redbull. I'm sure it will be huge next year, and hopefully I will be able to compete again. These crafts are so much fun. Thinking of getting one myself.
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Cy Thompson 2016 Olympics
Cy Thompson 2016 OlympicsSaturday, September 13th, 2014 at 8:42pm
Qualified for the 2016 Rio OLYMPICS.... Still trying to have a good result here at the worlds.
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Cy Thompson 2016 Olympics
Cy Thompson 2016 OlympicsThursday, September 11th, 2014 at 8:20pm
ISAF World Championships start tomorrow. Time flies... Short qualifying series. Gotta come out the gates hot.
Very excited.
Thank you everyone that has supported me and followed me along my journey.
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Cy Thompson 2016 Olympics
Cy Thompson 2016 OlympicsTuesday, September 2nd, 2014 at 9:06am
Reached 1,000+ likes. Thanks everyone for the support. Little disappointed considering I have 1,695 friends. Oh well, I'll just go through and start deleting the people that didn't like my page.
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