The final day of racing saw conditions similar to the 3rd day of the regatta. The marine layer wasn’t burning off quickly making it hard for the breeze to fill in. The points were all very tight and it was going to be a close battle. 

The first race I had a great start, tacked off and led the fleet out to the right side of the course. I was looking good for a bit, and there was about a 40 second window where I could have come back to the middle to consolidate, but hesitated….The wind eventually shifted to the left and I found myself rounding the top mark in the 30’s. With light wind, it was going to be very difficult to battle back to the front of the fleet. I was sailing fast and making some good decisions, but at the end of the day I was only able to fight back to 14th.


In the second race, I made sure that I wouldn’t be left out to dry on the right side of the course. I started 3rd from the pin, with a great start and was able to tack onto port and make my way to the mark. There was a lot of port in the beat, and I decided to get onto the long tack first. Some of the guys that stayed on starboard and went further left, hooked into more pressure and wound up inside of me. Really upset with myself, I took a deep breath to relax and concentrated on speed. There was a slight right shift with pressure and I knew this was my chance to make some gains. I tacked back, ducked about 6 boats and tacked on lay line with pressure. Finally something going my way, I was able to use that little increase in pressure to pass and round the top mark in 1st.
I made a mistake on the run, sailed out of the pressure a bit and got passed. I took a 7th in the race. I was very happy with most of my starts and learned some very valuable lesson this weekend. Couple days off before training again. Trying to make speed gains…..

GOOD NEWS….. I finished the regatta in 5th overall.

GREAT NEWS……… I qualified the Virgin Islands for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto Canada next summer.


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