Thursday was the start of the Laser North Americans. The breeze came in early and we had some long racing. The first race was 75 minutes, which isn’t normal. We had 3 races that day and it was just a real physical test. I had a 8,6,7 for the racing that day and it put me in 7th overall. 


Friday was scheduled to have 3 races as well. Starting at 12pm the wind was lighter. We were able to get 3 races off pretty quickly as the target time was dropped to 50 minutes. I had a pretty good day with a 4,2,4 and was able to move up into 4th overall.

Today was again schedule for 3 races. The breeze was real light the first 2 races and the final race picked up to about 15 knots. The wind was oscillating making it very tricky for me to sail a good first beat. I found myself always battling to get back into the top group. I finished the day with a 8,6, 12. The 12 as my drop race and I was able to still move up into 3rd with those results. Not very happy with my racing today, but I’m still in 3rd. I believe there is a 5 point gap between 3rd and 7th, so tomorrow should be some exciting racing.
3 races scheduled tomorrow.