Having wrapped 2 months of training in California, I went back to Rhode Island, where I competed in the J-70 Bacardi Regatta, which was all very new to me. Learned a lot, but didn’t have a great score! I was then asked to sail in the VXone North Americans a boat that I had sailed in Miami for the Bacardi Cup back in March. Its a fun boat, that requires a lot of hiking on the crews end. I was more than happy to do this, because I thought we had a good chance to do well, and it would be some good exercise. The regatta started well and we kept the intensity high throughout the event. On day 2 we were having a very consistent day, about to win the 3rd race of that day, but out spinnaker halyard broke and we only managed to salvage a 3rd in that race. We had to retire for the day, and they went on to have 2 more races.
Saturday was cancelled because the wind wasn’t cooperating, and we managed to hold onto 3rd overall. Got on the podium and my skipper and I were extremely proud of that.


I am now in Kingston OntarioCanada training with the Canadian Olympic Team. Such a cool place to be. Fresh water, great ppl and a lively city. Gonna put some hard work on the water and in the gym.
I am on the home stretch leading up to the Santander ISAF World Championships. Feeling good……


Training partners. Rob Davis, Tom Ramshaw, Andrew Lewis.