I guess the only place to start would be in order from my last update.
I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of each event, but there has been some success in the recent months since my last post.

After finishing the Laser World Championships where I had my best result in a Worlds yet, I headed to Toronto to compete in the Pan American Games. Feeling pretty good with my speed and equipment, I was ready to fight with some damn good sailors for a medal.

Worlds PInwin

I started the event off in a great position and held strong throughout the majority of the regatta. Unfortunately there was one race, that I messed up, which down the road cost me some valuable points.

I thought I had sailed a pretty good event the whole way trough, until that one race that put me just outside medal contention going into the Medal Race. I was able to finish 4th in the Medal Race that was held in the Toronto Harbor, with 1,000’s of spectators and hold onto my 5th place overall position.

Charlie leebowBOYS PanAmPanAm 1stPanAm Chillen


CORK was a great success. I had the choice to either attend the Olympic Test event down in Rio Brazil, but opted not to because of financial reasons. I was also in Canada for the entire summer and having a good regatta that close to “home” was an easy decision for me. There had been a lot of sailing going on lately, and I was feeling a bit fatigued. Last thing i needed was to travel to Brazil and spend a bunch of money I didn’t have.
That being said, I also wanted to defend my title as the CORK Champion. The regatta was great, like always. Battling it out with the Canadians and Andrew was great for small fleet tactics.
I strung together some good results to take the lead  after the 2nd day and managed to keep them off my heels. Lots of racing made for 2 drops, and I was able to come away with the win again. Very happy with my sailing currently.

CORK Podium
That event was also a good tune up for the ISAF World Cup event in Qingdao China.

I had never been to China, so it was definitely going to be an interesting trip, and there was prize money to be had. Everyone knows that I race a lot better when money is on the line.
Qingdao was an interesting place to sail in. There was a lot current, wind from all directions, but relatively light.
Same venue as the 2008 Olympics. China racing

Sure enough I started out the event in the lead. I wasn’t able to hold on to the lead and ended up dropping back to 8th. Still a top 10 Finish and it allowed me to sail in another Medal Race. Could have moved up in the overall position, but the 2 guys that I needed to beat, finished in front, securing their position.
I thought I could have done better, but with such a tricky venue and others had up and down scores, it could have gone either way.

china flag