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Palma Day 3

Palma Day 3

Today was supposed to be a breeze on day, according to the very inaccurate forecasts by Predictwind, but we were once again postponed on shore for several hours. Luckily our accommodation is near the venue, so we usually just head back up the the apartment, grab more food and relax. We can hear when the […]

Palma Day 2

With yet another onshore Postponement, there was a good bit of sitting around today. We were scheduled for a 1:30pm start time with the plan of completing 2 races. Unfortunately the wind was being difficult and we didn’t hit the water until 4pm. Knowing that it would be a long day, I tried to stay […]

Palma Day 1

Well the first day of racing is done, but the regatta is far from over. Sitting in 45th out of 143, it is going to be an all out knife fight just to make gold fleet. Its absolutely incredible how stacked the fleet it.

Game ON.

Tomorrow is the first day of racing and I have checked all the boxes. Ready to go and give it my all. Weather forecast is looking a little grim from what was seen this morning, but I just have to deal with what is dealt. IT MAKES SENSE!!